20 Reasons You Should Drop Everything And Go To Switzerland

Switzerland is a beautiful country that offers something for everyone. I encourage you to stop what you’re doing and look at somewhere like the metropole geneva hotel because you won’t regret it. Here are 20 Reasons You Should Drop Everything And Go To Switzerland.

1. Paradise comes in the form of lakeside towns and beautiful mountains, sometimes in the same place.

gruyere switzerland

Lugano, canton of Ticino

2. Gruyère Switzerland is both a cheese and a town.

gruyere switzerland

Gruyères, canton of Fribourg

3. You’re surrounded by colorful buildings.

gruyere switzerland

Lugano, canton of Ticino

4. Winter has never looked so inviting.

gruyere switzerland


5. There are towns that look like this…

gruyere switzerland

Bern, canton of Bern

6. …and towns that are bursting with color.

gruyere switzerland

Laufenburg, canton of Aargau

7. There are dreamy lakeside castles…

gruyere switzerland

Château de Chillon, canton of Vaud

8. …and castles resting on hilltops.

gruyere switzerland

Tarasp, canton of Graubünden

9. There is no shortage of incredible architecture.

gruyere switzerland

Basel, canton of Basel-Stadt

10. The sights are just as breathtaking at night.

gruyere switzerland

Zurich, canton of Zurich

11. Nature? Yeah, Switzerland has that too.

gruyere switzerland

Grandvaux, canton of Vaud

12. You can visit the largest plain waterfall in Europe at Rhine Falls.

gruyere switzerland

Schaffhausen, canton of Schaffhausen

13. You can stay at the Hotel Belvedere, conveniently located next to the Rhone Glacier.

glacier hotel

Belvedere, canton of Valais

14. The Matterhorn is one of the highest summits in Europe.


Mattertal, canton of Valais

15. Walking in the Swiss Alps is a dream.

hiking switzerland

Landquart, canton of Graubünden

16. Seriously, it’s a dream.


Flüelapass, canton of Graubünden

17. You can swim in crystal-clear lakes.

switzerland lakes

Schwende, canton of Appenzell

18. The mountains make a perfect spot for a picnic.

switzerland picnic

Grindelwald, canton of Bern

19. Everything looks like a postcard.


Vilters-Wangs, canton of St. Gallen

20. And when the day is done, the sunsets are truly magnificent.

switzerland sunset







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  1. Mike Heneghan says:

    Nice to see my photo of Laufenburg being used as an example but strictly speaking the coloured buildings are in Germany. You can see them from Swiss Laufenburg.